Maine Blues Society
Quarterly Newsletter, spring 1999. 
Written by Pepper

Danish guitarist Dan Klarskov sent this CD to the Maine Blues Society autographed and ready for review. Klarskov is a talented bandleader and is surrounded by what must be the leading blues players in Copenhagen.

The Honydrippers do several fine versions of covers by Joe Liggins, Big Joe Turner and T-Bone Walker.  These Danes probably get to see more blues acts than we do.
This CD shows they have listen and watched our blues legends intently , becouse this recorded live to tape in the studio two day session is a groove.

Dan Klarskov is on Clearwood Records with a Web site address of

Their musicianship is A+ and my band, the Sensations have already added their version of "Wee Wee Baby" and "Strollin with Bone" to our set list .I recommend adding the self titled Dan Klarskov and the Honeydrippers CD to your collection.


 New Jersey of Blues Society  
(Quarterly Newsletter, spring 1999.)
Written by John Muller-Co-Director

From Denmark comes this highly commendable project from "Dan Klarskov and The Honeydrippers". Heavily influenced by Roosevelt Sykes, Jimmy Rushing, Big Joe Turner, Junior Wells, "T-Bone" Walker, Louis Aarmstrong, "Champion" Jack Dupree, and both West Indian/Caribbean music and the flavorful rhythms of New Orleans, this CD convincingly shows that "The Blues" has become international. As Dan Klarskov has said, "Tradition without imitation".

With Dan on vocals,guitar;Peter Lapiki,organ,piano;Hugo Rasmussen, acoustic bass;Thomas Christensen,drums;Anders Gaardmand,tenor saxophone;Ole "Fessor" Lindgreen, trombone; Hans Knudsen, piano; this CD just sparkles and shines with an extraordinary amount of talent, dedication, and research. The music is wonderful from start to finish, one track even better than the next. As Dan writes in the liner notes, "I hope that you have enjoyed listening just as much as we have enjoyed rocording the music". Their enthusiasm is highly infectious! One solid CD that really sells the diversity and the beauty of The Blues.

Sydney Blues Society

(Monthly newsletter, February, 2000.) 

Written by Jon Lane  

Daggy packaging, except for a couple of cool photos of old musos bopping along in the studio, and an unfortunate choice of a well overdone band anme, didn`t really fill me with enthisiasm before putting this one on the player. But I guess that old adage about not telling a book by it`s cover applies to CD`s as well. `Couse I found this to be a Quite enjoyable little offering. A treasure in fact!  

One could argue that Mr. K does not warrant top billing on this disc. It`s not like Dan wrote any of the songs-they are all well arranged covers-and as a solo performer(guitar) and a singer, he is fine but the success and appeal of this capsule owes much to the bunch of gifted and musically mature, blues loving session players who get together very effectively.

Danish blues. Now there`s a concept! Just  goes to show how universal this beloved form of music is and how guys that have immersed themselves in their passion can develop into outstanding practitioners of said form. Remidns me of Aussie blues. Now there`s another concept?!

All eleven songs obviosly pay homage to many of Dan`s favourite blues legends, but each is added to or arranged in such a different, lovingly manner than the original. Which is all well and good; but if you haven`t got the talent or skill to back up the intention, than all you are doing is playing someone else`s composition on a lower level. This is definitely not the case here. Each of the musicians on this disc are extremely talented and professional, and as the liner notes (which really aren`t that daggy!) suggest, are very well known (and hopefully appreciated) in their homeland. You would do well to top the piano and organ combination of Hans Knudsen and Peter Lapiki, whilst the tenor sax of Anders Gaarmand and a guest perfomance from Ole “Fessor” Lindgreen on trombone are also of high caliber.

ow to tell you a bit about the music. A lot of swing or boogie arrangements, with clear, crisp, single note picking solos from Dan on guitar prominent in most songs. His voice fits in very well also- he holds a note well and is always in key- and after a few listens becomes a feature. As mentioned, the piano and organ work well together throughout with one punching out a solo whilst the other maintains rhythm.

My instant fave tracks are the Louis Armstrong classic `Back O`Town Blues and T-Bone Walker`s `Git These Blues Off Me`, which is comprised of the stylised piano and organ riffs from Sonny Boy`s `Help Me`and Booker T`s `Green Onions`respectively. Another T-Bone Walker song Ě Wish You Were Mine`gets the reggae-blues treatment and is also immediately likeable and the first song (The Honeydripper)  had everyone up and shuffling when I played it to an impromptu gathering over the Chrissy break. Towards the end of the CD there are three songs which are probably arranged too simiarly.

In summary: new life breathed into old standards with these ingenious jazzed-up blues arrangements. For mine, Dan`s intermingling of styles comes out a winner.


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