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Klarskov, Dan

born February 18, 1969 in Copenhagen

Guitarist, singer and song-writer

1998 Dan Klarskov & The Honeydrippers (Clearwood Records)

2001 The Blues Is a Feeling (Clearwood Records)

Profile: With a heart that throbs for blues music, Klarskov has defied many of the regulations that rule the often tradition-bound blues scene. The result? He has managed to attract a faithful following in Denmark.

Career: Dan Klarskov got his first taste for music from Red Mama's Rock Circus. But the event that decided that the blues was to be his branch of music, was a concert with the Delta Cross Band and Troels Jensen at Faelled Park in Copenhagen in 1979.

After this, Dan started playing the guitar, and through Ken Lending, was soon introduced to the scene around the blues club, Raadhuskroen - now Mojo - in Copenhagen. In 1987, he got his start as a professional musician with the Honky Tonk Blues Band. After completing his education as a mechanical engineer, Dan got a 17 month residency at Mojo, playing every Thursday evening as part of the club's blues jam. That jam turned into the band Junior 'N' Brown, led by Danny Linde Hansen (now with Zididada).

In 1996, Klarskov formed his own band, Dan Klarskov & The Honeydrippers. Over a period of a few years he tried to interest Danish record companies in putting out a CD of his music, but was turned down. The reason given was that his music was too 'bluesy'. This Dan looked upon as a compliment and took matters into his own hands. In 1998, he reached in his own pocket and came out with his first recording. It consisted of a string of blues classics. Among the musicians playing on the record were: Hugo Rasmussen, bass; Anders Gaardmand, tenor sax; Ole 'Fessor' Lindgreen, trombone and Hans Knudsen, piano.

Dan took off on a promotional tour of the USA, where he got compliments from among others, Bruce Iglauer, head of the trend-setting, Chicago based blues record company, Alligator Records. He received some fine reviews in blues magazines, and got some air play on local radio stations. In 1999-2000, his home page was honored with a Blues Web Award in the USA, and back in Denmark, he played a series of concerts - among them, seven festival appearances.

Dan issued his second album in 2001 - The Blues Is a Feeling. This time, he and his group wrote most of the material, and once again, Anders Gaardmand and Hans Knudsen appeared in the line-up. In conjunction with the launching of the record, Dan traveled to the USA again, this time with 400 copies of the CD that he delivered personally or sent to Blues associations, radio stations and trade papers.

Miscellaneous: From 1986 - 1987 Dan was the vice president of the National Association of Students (LOE), and it is thanks to among other things, the organizational experience he got from this work, that he was able to handle everything associated with the production of his records. In 1987, Klarskov was a peace guard in the project, Next Stop Nevada, and since 1994, he has been the host and technician on the show, Radio Bluestime, on Christianshavns Radio in Copenhagen.

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